Our History

 In the beginning of 1983 a group of gentlemen found a void in Atlanta for black gay men. Therefore, they began to host rent parties at K-11, the infamous apartment at Atlanta Overlook. Because these gentlemen all worked at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, they created the Ritz Boyz. Their functions were so ritzy from then on the men of Traxx rented a variety of venues that they always soon out grew. Then in 1989 David Hampton became the General Manager of the Phoenix a.k.a. the Warehouse. After Mr. Hampton received this position he convinced the owner, Mr. James Mason, to have a black gay night, which in known by most as the Legendary TRAXX Saturday Night Party. In 1993 Mr. David Hampton and Mr. Phillip Boone became the proprietors of the Legendary Traxx on 306 Luckie Street, downtown Atlanta.

     Unfortunately, in 1998 Mr. David Hampton past and Mr. Phillip Boone became the sole owner. In 2005 Mr. Homer Hammonds, Mr. Durand Robinson, and Mr. Ron Lewis became Managing Partners alongside Mr. Boone. These men created the firm known to many as Ph.D. Entertainment d/b/a TRAXX Atlanta.

After eleven years in the entertainment industry TRAXX moved from its renowned location at 339 Marietta Street to Atlanta Live/Dekalb Events Center. From there they moved to their new edifice, a 50,000 square foot building located on 1287 Columbia Drive, in Decatur, GA. Complete with two dance floors, two stages, space for concerts, and the ability to safely accommodate up to 6,000 patrons.

     After twenty years TRAXX has reinvented themselves not only to cater to men, but also to females and every facet of the entire gay community. TRAXX female division, TRAXX Girls, is headed by the newest Managing Partner Melissa Scott. They strive to be not only active in entertainment, but a viable outlet to bring issues to the forefront that affects the black alternative lifestyle. The address of 708 Spring Street in Atlanta, GA should ring a bell to almost every gay Alien as well as to those who frequent the city. That address use to belong to one of the longest running gay night clubs in Atlanta known as Club 708 and Lorrettas previously before that. The owner of the nightclub closed its doors for good last summer and sold the venue to Traxx. Traxx has formed a firm called Traxx Clubs International, LLC, which will own and operate the newest staple in Atlanta community, XS Ultra Lounge, and is promising to revive & redefine Atlanta’s gay nightlife once again.